What would you do if your company suffered a total-loss of your server(s)? Would your current backup solution get you up and running quickly? Could your company survive the disruption?

GW Net-Working can provide a backup and disaster recovery solution to fit all of your backup needs. In the event a loss of data, you can recover files quickly and easily (to the same server, or a different computer altogether!).

In the event of the total loss of your server, GWN's Disaster Recovery (DR) backup service enables you to recover the entire server to new hardware, or a virtual machine - which could be hosted in the cloud - so you can be up and running with minimal losses.

Data Security and Integrity

Your data is encrypted in transit and at rest in our datacentres. Datacentres are exclusively UK-based. The encryption key is unique and only available to personnel authorised by you.

A "Full System backup" consists of an initial "base image" backup and then daily incremental backups - so only the changes are backed up each day. This means the amount of data being transferred and stored is minimal and also gives you the ability to restore files (or the entire server) from any day since the original base image was taken.

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