Spam and virus email is a problem in any company that uses email regularly. It can decrease productivity, increase the risk of virus infections, and potentially provide a security risk for personal information such as banking details. Preventing users from being exposed to these emails alleviates the problem entirely.

GW Net-Working have a partnership with a well established, dedicated email filtering service-provider to ensure the highest level of spam and virus filtering is achieved. All filtering is done "in the cloud" which means email is scanned before it even reaches your network. This ensures that the computers and servers in your organisation are not using resources that can be better used elsewhere, which therefore increases productivity..

The spam filtering service is designed to remove over 99% of spam emails, it uses the latest techniques to remove even the cleverest of spam and virus emails.

Coupled with the email filtering service is an "Emergency Inbox" service. In the event of your email server or internet connection in the office going down you are able to access undelivered mail via a web browser from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. This ensures continuity of email services, so communication is not lost with staff or clients and allows basic business operations to continue.

Each user is provided with an online interface, within which they can configure the sensitivity of the filtering, manage blacklists and whitelists and many other features. Changes at this level only affect individual users. Another member of staff can also be made the email controller, and control these options at a company-wide level to ensure that everybody has the same basic filtering options.

Reports can be delivered regularly where users can check the blocked and allowed messages and review quarantined messages. This allows users to have complete control of the emails they receive, and reduces the worry of false-positives.

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