GW Net-Working have developed a proactive maintenance service which has been proven to improve system stability and reliability.

This is achieved ensuring:

  • Systems run only the software and services required to perform their business function
  • Software is patched with appropriate developer fixes
  • Network resources are only available to authorised users
  • File and data integrity is maintained
  • Anti-virus protection is comprehensive and up to date
  • Microsoft best-practices are adhered to on all Windows products
  • Backup & disaster recovery strategies are effective
  • Network connections are appropriately secured

Proactive maintenance sessions conclude with a report detailing the status of each system & service and details of changes made. Supporting documentation is also updated to include details of developments or improvements that should be considered.

As the time required to undertake proactive maintenance will vary depending upon the number and usage of systems, maintenance and support contracts can be tailored to suit individual environments and budgets.

If you would like more information, please call 023 80012100 or email us.