Most small businesses do not want to worry about IT problems. Time spent on IT problems is better spent on building the company and generating revenue. This is where GW Net-Working excel.

One of our core services is our IT Management Services for In-House Systems. We can tailor a Managed Services Agreement to monitor, maintain, support and manage all IT systems used in your business. If you have IT staff, we can fit our services around their needs and support them whenever they need it. All Managed Services Agreements include priority response times and service rates for our IT Helpdesk.

Our support agreements operate on 2 levels – “Monitoring Only” and “Fully Managed”:
The Basic level includes:

  • Maintenance of Network documentation
  • User account management and administration
  • Monitoring of network devices (servers, workstations, switches & routers) - which will raise a warning / error notification in the event of a problem. GWN will then report back to you with a suggested solution.

This system is perfect for companies that prefer to manage their own IT (e.g: they have IT staff in-house), but want the reassurance that their systems are being professionally monitored and support is on-hand when they need it.

Fully Managed support agreements also include maintenance and support for the monitored devices - so GWN will attend to warnings and errors directly without any additional cost to you*.

If you would like more information, please call 023 80012100 or email us.