GW Net-working's Net-Review service is offered as a preliminary to the provision of computer and network support and maintenance services.

The objective is to undertake a full system audit and gather sufficient information to fully document the network and make appropriate recommendations to optimise the effectiveness of Computer and Network Systems and Services. This also enables us to provide a rapid response to IT issues from a position of knowledge and understanding about the environment.

The Net-Review provides a snap-shot view of the systems status at the time of the review. This information is essential for providing effective support services and planned development.

The systems reviewed include:

  • Network infrastructure (e.g: data cabling, switches, routers)
  • Network servers
  • Network workstations
  • Standalone systems
  • Peripheral devices (e.g: printers and scanners)
  • Software (e.g: operating systems, applications and network services

The Net-Review concludes with a report detailing existing resources, their configurations and purpose within the environment.

The report will identify any alternate configuration that may improve system performance or stability and make recommendations for short & long term development. Where feasible, information is presented diagrammatically for ease of assessment.

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