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Application Hosting
We now offer "Application Hosting" services. This means we can host your traditional desktop applications on a secure, reliable platform in a data-centre. You can access these applications as though they are running on your desktop computer, or home computer, or mobile device... or just about any device, from anywhere! For more details, see: App Hosting
Posted by: Matt on 2017-01-03

Hosted VoIP services
GWN has officially launched a new service - a Hosted VoIP telephone system. Simply connect a VoiP phone to your internet connection (at home, work, or anywhere you like!) and be connected to your business telephone extension to make & receive calls as though in the office.
Posted by: Matt on 2016-11-10

IT for new businesses
GWN have joined up with "Office Essential" to assist new start-ups with the IT services they need to get going!
Posted by: Matt on 2015-06-11

GWN Apprentice!
GWN are proud to announce the latest member of our team - Blake joins us on an apprenticeship proramme in association with "open future associates"
Posted by: Matt on 2015-03-02

Office 365
GWN now offer Microsoft Office 365 hosted Exchange email and Office online services, along with the technical support required to establish connectivity and migrate legacy data "to the cloud"!
Posted by: Matt Gosse on 2014-01-06

Lucas has joined the GWN team!
Lucas has joined GWN under a modern apprenticeship scheme. This position has been specifically developed to support the future growth of the company, as well as offering the opportunity for young people with an interest in IT to learn the wide-range of skills required to provide Small Business IT support
Posted by: Matt Gosse on 2013-06-03

GWN have a new ticketing system
GWN's new Helpdesk system means support and change requests can dealt with more efficiently and tracked more thoroughly. A significant improvement is the ability for our clients to add / edit their own support tickets! For further details, please contact one of the support team on 0844 4142422, or
Posted by: Matt Bayley on 2013-03-01

New member of Staff!
Matthew Bayley has joined the GWN team to fill the role of project delivery and on-site support.
Posted by: Matt Gosse on 2013-01-28

GWN Have Moved!
Still within the Solent Business Centre, but to a larger office to cater for the expansion of the “Business As Usual” (BAU) team dealing with routine maintenance and support of customer systems. If you have Unit 310 Solent Business Centre in your records, please replace with just "GW Net-working".
Posted by: Matt Gosse on 2011-08-10

GWN have a new employee!
Andy Mohring has joined the GWN team! Andy is very experienced with corporate level network infrastructure and hardware and is bringing some fantastic ideas to the table to help our customers get the most out of their computer systems.
Posted by: Dave Hendley on 2011-06-13

GW Net-working have started our 10th year trading!
Here at GW Net-working we are very excited about the forthcoming year. New technologies in the pipeline and plans to make your networks more efficient and productive will keep us busy as ever! Watch this space!
Posted by: Matt Gosse on 2011-06-02

Dion has joined the GWN team!
Dion Kitchener has now joined GW Net-working as a Remote Support Technician.

Many of you will be speaking to him as the first point of call for support queries.

He is developing within the company, and making great progress!
Posted by: Dave Hendley on 2011-04-13

GWN have a new employee
Martin Janse Van Noordwyk is our Service Centre Manager, responsible for ensuring our high quality standards are maintained, and providing IT services to our enterprise level clients.
Posted by: Dave Hendley on 2011-01-04

Dave now an MCTS
Today Dave took his Windows 7 MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist) exam. With a pass in this he has now received MCTS certification and is ready for the next exam!
Posted by: Dave Hendley on 2010-07-12

Andy now an MCTS
Today Andy excelled in his MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist) exam for Windows Small Business Server 2008. Good work Andy and I am sure we will be seeing a lot more exam successes in the near future!
Posted by: Dave Hendley on 2010-07-12

GW Net-Working provide BDR appliances
GW Net-Working now have the ability to sell BDR appliances.
BDR appliances provide a comprehensive disk-based backup and disaster recovery solution. With this solution, in the event of a full server failure, you will have your vital server services and data available immediately. Backups are also replicated online, ensuring there is always an up to date backup available to restore from.
Posted by: Dave Hendley on 2010-05-18

Buy GWN Surplus Stock
The website now has an area for purchasing GWN surplus stock.

You can grab a bargain on some of the stock that we haven't sold. The IT hardware industry moves so fast that we sometimes have stock of some older items, which may be exactly what you are looking for!

Contact 0844 41 42 422 if you wish to make an offer on the items and we will do our best to help.
Posted by: Dave Hendley on 2009-10-30

GWN are ready for Windows 7
GWN have rolled out Windows 7 to their computers and we are now ready to support our clients who wish to upgrade.

With the release of Windows 7 just around the corner, it was important for us to get our heads around the latest Microsoft operating system. This release seems to be faster and more intuitive than the predecessor, Vista, and looks great too!
Posted by: Dave Hendley on 2009-10-14

GWN have a new website
We hope you find the new site appealing and intuitive. We welcome all feedback.
Posted by: Dave Hendley on 2009-10-08

GWN now provide Managed Services
Managed Workplace (by Level Platforms Inc.) provides comprehensive monitoring and management capabilities. This enables GWN to deliver a more proactive service and improved IT development planning.
Posted by: Dave Hendley on 2009-10-07

GWN have renewed their City Champion status
GW Net-Working have renewed their Champion status with Business Southampton. Striving to keep Southampton as an ideal location for businesses and a major city of economic strength in the UK.

For more information please visit
Posted by: Matt Gosse on 2009-09-16

GWN have a new employee
Mike Gosse is now a member of the GW Net-Working team! Mike brings with him a wealth of experience supporting a range of businesses.
Posted by: Andy Petterson on 2008-03-30

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