For many companies, telephony is a vital component of their IT service and often overlooked. Often a company's phone system does not fulfill the requirements of the business but investing in a more usable system can be expensive.

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol (or IP). In general terms this allows you to use an internet connection to make and receive all of your telephone calls. Please see the table below for the features and benefits of the phone system GWN offer

Feature Description Benefit
Digital Assistant Inbound calls are automatically answered by the 3CX system and the caller prompted to select a number on their phone to route them to the appropriate department. Eliminates the need for a receptionist to answer every call and decide how it should be routed, thereby saving time & money.
Call Queuing If a caller is routed to a department with no available staff to answer their call, they can join a call-queue until someone becomes available. During busy periods calls can be queued rather than callers hearing an engaged tone, meaning less lost or missed calls and maximising desk-phone utilisation.
Call Routing Calls can be routed to specific individuals, groups, queues, voice-mailboxes as required. Callers can choose which individual or department to speak with without requiring a receptionist to manually route their call, thereby saving time and money.
Conferencing Use conferencing to allow multiple people (internal and/or external) to connect into tele-conference. Host a tele-conference for as many people as required.
3-Way Calling 2 calls can be setup from 1 handset, thereby allowing a member of staff to have discussions with 2 other people (internal or external) at the same time. Efficiently deal with 2 calls simultaneously where each each person needs to have input into the discussion.
Voice Mailboxes Callers can leave voice-messages for relevant individuals or groups when no-one is available (or out-of-hours). Reduces the chances of missing or losing calls. Voice-messages can be accessed via the telephone, or emailed to relevant users.
Call Recording All inbound and outbound calls can be recorded. Quality-control and training.
Remote Sign-In Users can sign-in to the 3CX phone system and make/receive calls as though in the office. Users are not tied to a physical location to be able to make and receive calls. (internal calls routed over the internet will incur no call-charges).
PC Integration A call-management assistance can be installed onto a workstation, and once the user is signed in they can manage calls via their PC (including: grabbing calls from other lines, transferring calls, “barging-in” on calls, transferring to voice-mail, parking calls). Increases every user’s ability to monitor and manage calls, thereby saving time and money and improving the efficiency of telephone calls, which also potentially provides the callers (clients and suppliers) with a better experience.
Remote Management All features of the 3CX telephone system can be managed remotely, including amending call-routing plans, creating new users etc. No need for on-site staff to manage the phone system. External contractors also do not need to make site-visits.
Flexible Telephone-Line Options Make and receive calls over any medium – internet connection, analogue or digital phone lines Choose to retain the reliability of fixed-lines for making and/or receiving calls OR save costs by making and/or receiving calls via an internet connection.
Use Existing Wiring The 3CX server and IP Phones can be connected to the same wiring system as used by the computers. Save costs on wiring. Enables full CTI (Computer Telephony Integration).
“Soft-Phones” can be used A “Soft-Phone” can be installed on a computer and, in conjunction with a headset (or microphone and speaker), be used to make and receive calls. Provides another option for connecting to the 3CX phone system, potentially saving costs but also extending the power of a workstation or laptop to not only connect to the company network but also the telephone system.
Costs less than traditional PBX The hardware, maintenance and call plans are cheaper than a traditional PBX. Cost savings.
Runs on Windows The 3CX telephone system is software that runs on a standard Windows Server Easily recoverable in the event of a failure or disaster; Easily portable onto another Windows Server; Can be installed on an existing server;
Skype integration A Skype Gateway can be added to the 3CX system to allow calls to be made and received to Skype users Zero-cost calls to and from Skype users

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